Internet system
telemetry and monitoring remote objects

The company "Skydom" is a developer and manufacturer of intelligent telemetry units, and also designs and implements complex systems for monitoring and managing gas supply facilities.

"Skydom" system

Internet Monitoring

"SKYDOM" devices transmit technological data and the state of the object to the Internet via a wireless communication channel at a given frequency. Information is placed on a web server. The user can see this data on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Internet Management

"SKYDOM" devices can control equipment at remote facilities. Control commands can be generated manually, from the browser, or automatically by the server. After the command is executed, a message is sent about the result of its execution (receipt procedure).

Internet Account

"SKYDOM" devices can read data from any energy metering devices that have a digital output and transfer them to the Internet, to web server archives. Standard reports for companies are created from the archives.

Guaranteed safety

Control of the presence of carbon monoxide, leakage of natural gas, liquefied gas, smoke.

Compatibility and reliability

It is possible to integrate the telemetry system with already used data accounting systems at the enterprise. Transmission of gas consumption data to the provider's server is provided via secure GPRS networks.

Autonomy and Economy

Own development of the telemetry system, affordable price of the device, absence of intermediate devices for collecting and transmitting information. Availability of an autonomous energy source, independent power supply of devices.

How it works

"SKYDOM" is a real-time system. "SKYDOM" system hardware can be installed in the most remote and hard-to-reach places, where there is at least some mobile connection, of any operator. It is not necessary to have a power supply, because the equipment is powered autonomously.

In operation, the equipment automatically, with a set frequency, scans the sensors and transmits received values ​​​​to the Internet via a wireless GSM communication channel. If the emergency sensor is triggered, transfer is performed immediately.

On the Internet, a web server hosts software that manages the storage and processing of data, as well as displaying data to Users.

The user can see the data from any PC, tablet or smartphone and at any time.



Telemetry systems are easily integrated into existing technological equipment and do not require additional costs for installation.

In order to install the anti-vandal box, which is the basis of the kit, it is necessary to perform simple welding work.

The kit includes elements for fastening sensors (three-way taps, tees, "barrels", etc.), quantitative the composition of which is agreed with the Customer.

Also, upon agreement, the services of our workers are provided for the installation of devices.


The telemetry system is built on the use of WEB technology. This means that the information is entered and stored on the Customer's web server, the status of the object can be viewed and managed remotely from any computer, tablet or smartphone, provided there is access to the site.

Controller SCM transmits data to the web server with a specified frequency.

All information transmitted by the telemetry system is stored in the database on the Internet server.

To receive data on the server and place them special programs - drivers are used in the database.

Special web tools are also used to display data, allowing the User to see, manage and analyze the status of remote objects.


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About us

The "Skydom" company has been successfully working in the field of telemetry and wireless communication since 2012.

The company was created to introduce Internet technology into data provision processes from remote objects. The project turned out to be successful because the connection

internet - wireless - low power consumption

gave an opportunity to solve previously unsolvable tasks at low cost.

Our partners received reliable, stably working equipment, which is placed in the most difficult-to-reach places, is not afraid of thunderstorms, heat, or frost and reduces labor costs for servicing technological equipment.

Cooperation with us is beneficial because we have:

  • constant quality control of supplied products;
  • modern technologies are used;
  • our products have low energy consumption;
  • low prices;
  • a loyalty system is implemented for regular partners;
  • technical customer support is always guaranteed.

In addition, all Skydom products that are being prepared for sale meet the needs of our customers 100%.

The trust of our customers gives us confidence and the desire to work stably, reliably and qualitatively!

If you have any questions about Skydom or the products we offer, please contact us.

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