Telemetry kit KTM-SHRP

Telemetry kit KTM-SHRP


The KTM-SHRP telemetry kit is designed to simplify and unify the installation procedure during the modernization of the SHRP for the automation of remote monitoring and control of the technical condition of equipment at gas facilities. And also for the implementation of the latest means of monitoring and data transmission.


The kit consists of an anti-vandal box, which houses the battery, power supply system and SKM-8 data transmission controller.

In the kit, a bundle of marked cables is attached to the box, which goes inside the box through the inner cover and is connected to the SKM-8 controller.

Also, the Kit includes a set of sensors and means of attachment to the cabinet of the SRP.

Note: If the Kit includes a solar system, the kit also includes solar system mounting hardware, a solar panel, and a battery charge controller.

From the outside, the box is made in the form of a smoothly welded body, without any protrusions. This design ensures tightness against moisture and dust, and protection against external interference.

From the inside, with the help of 4 M6 bolts, the box is closed with a hermetic cover. Fasteners are also located here:

- in the lower part, protrusions for hingesp> The hinges are attached to the lower part of the cabinet body by electric welding. Thus, on the hinges, the box can be raised vertically for fixing on the cabinet wall and lowered horizontally for telemetry maintenance.

- from above, two M8 pins, 30 mm long, for fastening the box to the wall of the cabinet with nuts from the middle.

To fix the box on the cabinet, you need to make Ø10mm technological holes for two M8 pins and Ø20mm for the harness with cables.

To maintain telemetry, the box must be "removed" from the cabinet. To do this, unscrew two M8 nuts from the inside, and with the help of hinges, the box is moved and held in a horizontal position. Next, to get to the equipment, you need to remove the inner cover - unscrew 4 M6 bolts.


The work of the KTM-ShRP telemetry kit is based on the use of Internet data transmission technology and ultra-low power consumption of the equipment.

The controller of the SKM Kit (TU U 26.3-38269282-001:2014) performs automatic data collection from sensors installed on the SRP equipment and transmits this data via a wireless GSM communication channel to the Internet, to the user's server.

The KTM-SHP telemetry kit is the final device of the "Skydom" technological process monitoring system. The system works in real time. Allows you to see the parameters of technological equipment transporting natural gas from any device connected to the Internet and, subject to permission, at any time.

Information is transmitted to the server by a built-in GSM modem in the form of a data packet using GPRS technology (general purpose packet transmission mode) with a specified frequency.

In the event of the activation of emergency sensors (lockout, door opening, or other), the information is transmitted to the server in an emergency manner.

The built-in GSM modem meets the requirements of the Technical Regulations for radio equipment and telecommunications terminal (terminal) equipment, as well as normative documents, the use of which is proof of the device's compliance with the requirements of the specified Technical Regulations and has a Certificate of Conformity in the field of use of radio frequency resources of Ukraine and is entered in the Register of Radio Electronic Devices and emitting devices that can be used on the territory of Ukraine in the radio frequency bands of public use.

The KTM-SHRP telemetry kit allows remote control of transaction frequency settings (data transmission). The frequency can be adjusted in multiples of a minute (from 1 minute to 24 hours or more).

The data package contains "raw", unprocessed sensor values and service information.

Service information is data on the state of the equipment: power supply voltage, equipment temperature, data on the quality of the GSM signal.

The SKM is powered by a built-in battery (voltage 3.3 V) and from an external source with a voltage from 5.5 V to 36 V. A 33A/h battery is installed as standard. The built-in battery is used as a backup power supply.

The KTM-SHP telemetry kit includes a set of sensors and indicators for measuring pressure, gas emissions, temperature, sensors for opening the doors of the SHP, activation of the ZSK, etc.

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