Telemetry kit SKM-SKZ

Telemetry kit SKM-SKZ


The SKM-SKZ telemetry kit is intended for real-time remote monitoring of the parameters of remote stations of cathodic protection of pipelines. It measures and transmits to the Internet the state of the main indicators of the SCZ.

The kit can be installed on any type of SCZ - transformer (type KSS, PTE, etc.) and inverter type (B-OPEK-I, etc.). Controlled:

  • Potential on the reference electrode;
  • Voltage at the output of SKZ;
  • The output current going to the anodes;
  • and additional parameters:
  • Voltage in the power grid (to assess the quality of the SCZ power supply network);
  • Indicators of the electricity meter (with pulse output) of the SKZ power supply network, for remote control of the consumed electricity;
  • Technological parameters of the device itself;
  • The door of the cathode station is a door sensor.

It is possible to set technological parameters remotely, such as the frequency of data transfer, to calibrate the measured values. The device is powered by an uninterruptible power supply unit, which allows continuous monitoring - even when there is no voltage in the power grid. Additional design features (advantages) for installation and maintenance:

  • The device is mounted on magnetic latches, inside the cathode station, in a convenient place.
  • The device is connected to sensors through a connector.
  • Sensors and cables are connected to measurement locations by connecting standard terminals.
Thus, installation work can be performed by oneself.

Free software is included.


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