Block of spark protection SKM-BIZ-08

Block of spark protection SKM-BIZ-08


The spark protection barrier SKM-BIZ-08 is designed to ensure the intrinsic safety of power supply, signaling, and measurement circuits in the automation systems of technological processes at explosive industries.

Spark protection barriers SKM-BIZ-08 are intended for installation outside explosive zones and for use with equipment with the type of explosion protection "intrinsically safe electric circuit", which is approved for use in explosive zones in accordance with the regulations, in accordance with the marking of explosion protection and in accordance with the requirements of DSTU EN 60079 -0:2017, DSTU EN 60079-11:2017. The explosion protection level (EPL) and the group of such equipment should not exceed the EPL and the group of output intrinsically safe circuits of barriers SKM-BIZ-08, and intrinsically safe parameters, taking into account the electrical parameters of the communication line, should not violate intrinsic safety.

Also, "simple" devices that are manufactured in series and meet the requirements of clause 4.6.24 DNAOP 40.1-1.32-01 "Rules for the construction of electrical installations" can be connected to intrinsically safe electric circuits of barriers of the SKM-BIZ-xx series. Electrical equipment of special installations" and clause 5.7 of DSTU EN 60079-11:2017.

The barrier is included in the input and output circuits of the SCM-8 controller and provides protection of intrinsically safe circuits from the influence of voltage up to 20 V, limiting the values of voltage and current to intrinsically safe. The barrier refers to passive type devices.

The barrier is designed for operation at temperatures from -25 to +60 °C and relative humidity - up to 98% at +35 °C.

The spark protection barrier SKM-BIZ-08 with input intrinsically safe electrical circuits of level “ia”, has the marking of explosion protection II (1) G [Ex ia Ga] IIА/IIB/IIC, corresponds to DSTU EN 60079-0:2017 (with amendment 11 :2017), DSTU EN 60079-11:2017..


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